Thursday, December 15


"The things we think, feel and do that make us feel less than Christian are precisely the things that connect us to each other. We have more in common than we realize."

my last post was the result of a lot of things i've been feeling and learning this semester. i've always worthy: worthy of the blessings that i have been given, worthy to be in the situations i found myself in, worthy of praise. i felt that i was worthy because i felt i was good: i didn't do "bad" things, i had always been known as being a good kid, i maintained my christian image perfectly.

but lately, i've just been pretty sick of it all. i'm sick of acting like i have it all together. i don't want that for myself and i don't want that for others. we have been given community, not to pretend like we all are perfect, but rather to come together as broken people to grow into something beautiful.

i stumbled upon this article today that really put into words how i'd been feeling. i hope you'll take the time to check it out. i also hope you'll take time to check out the confessions of a 20 something. maybe you'll come across a confession that speaks to your situation. i put my previous post up on the site. i hope maybe you'll put something up, too. 

article: confessions of our generation.

blog: confession of a 20 something.

confess your sins to one another and pray for each other so that you may be healed. the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. [james five:sixteen]

Tuesday, December 13

come on, let's wash each other.

of course i have it all together.
and i'll make sure to upkeep that image every second.
i deserve to be here.
i am good.
I am good.
I am good.
especially when i keep my mind and heart numb.
nothing can touch me now.
pure bliss.
i am worthy.
I am worthy.
I am worthy.

but sometimes, i get tired.
tired of fighting.
tired of perfection.
because, ultimately, i know i'm lying.
and i think they know i'm lying.
because i know they're all lying, too.
but we all continue living in our deception.
broken, exhausted liars.

what if we all just stopped?
what if we were just honest.
with ourselves and with others.

what would you write up on your wall?

i don't know about you,
but i think i might be done pretending.
i'm too tired.
and i've seen a glimpse of what happens
when you let your wall down,
and it's a beautiful thing.

so come, let's wash each other.
with tears of joy and tear of grief.
and fold our lives like crashing waves
and run up on this beach.
come and and sew us together.
we're just some tattered rags stained forever.
we only have what we remember.

Wednesday, September 14

mary magdalene by foxes have foxholes.

i've been learning a lot lately about the character of Jesus. and the more i learn, the more beautiful i find both Him and this song. it's actually brought me to tears multiple times. i think it's just such a sweet picture of Jesus' relationships. i hope you are blessed by it. 

Jesus and Mary, walking hand in hand
down the shores of the Galilee, fishermen
telling the story about a future in the present-day kingdom come

Mary said, “Jesus, will i be okay?
I’ve got a feeling when you leave that things are gonna change
and everybody that I know don’t seem to treat me near as good as You”

He skipped a stone into the sea
began to laugh and shake his head
turn around in time to see that
the eyes of His beloved were just filling up with child’s tears

He said, “B
aby, don’t you worry
about a thing that comes to pass
you’ve got a seed of Heaven planted deep within your soul
and if you need something, all you have to do is ask
and I’ll know, I’ll know

later that week up in Jerusalem,
they caught a dinner and a show after the setting sun
then climbed the hillside just in time to see the moon rise full and red
Jesus said, “Mary, will I be okay?
I got a feeling something’s happening, just today
I overheard a group of fellas talkin' how they’re gonna do Me in”

she picked a fig off of the tree 
their lives together flashed before her eyes, 
she turned around in time to see that
the eyes of her Beloved were just filling up with child’s tears

she said, “Baby, don’t you worry
about a thing that comes to pass
You are the seed of Heaven planted deep inside this world
and if You need something, all You have to do is ask
And I’ll go, I’ll go”

later that week, after the burial
all of the brothers and the sisters went back to their homes
but little Mary, with the vigils, crying at the grave of her best friend

“why do you weep, as if I’m dead?”
the voice behind her cut right through the air
she turned around and saw the friend
running back into His arms
they just laughed, she kissed His scars smiling

He said, “Baby, don’t you worry
about a thing that comes to pass
you’ve got a seed of Heaven planted deep within your soul
and if you need something, all you have to do is ask
and I’ll know, I’ll know"

Jesus and Mary, walking hand in hand
down the shores of the Galilee, fishermen
telling the story about a future in the present-day kingdom come

Sunday, September 11

justice beaver.

one of my favorite office quotes that my best friend posted this on my wall this week. enjoy!

Thursday, September 8

you know you're a tts when...

so, i pass this bulletin board every day in the 1S lounge of my dorm about how to know if you're a "typical truman student" and i love it more and more each day. so i thought i'd share it with you all to give an embarrassingly accurate view of my school and what they people are like here...

1. you take notes on syllabus day.
2. you've never tailgated a day in your life.
3. a group of zombies running through the quad is no reason to panic.
4. the weather is only nice when your parents drop you off and pick you up.
5. you look forward to finals for the free doughnut break.
6. sunday night dinner is mexican or chinese.
7. you really do go to walmart for fun.
8. you have something to say about pancake city.
9. your favorite holiday is reading day eve.
10. your directions to school are "go to mizzou and head north."
11. you are more likely to last until close at the library.

pretty lame, but i love it here :)

Tuesday, August 30

genuine worship.

okay, so i keep saying that i'm not back, but yet i keep posting. so i guess i'm back. but i hope to have an important summer-ish post soon. 

anyway, i had to post this picture. it's pretty much my favorite thing right now.

also, this quote from jim elliot:

"wherever you are, be all there."

Sunday, August 28

a small life update.

no, i'm still not officially back. but i thought i'd share my social problems homework assignment with you all as a sort of "life" update. i'll be back soon! :)

        Over the summer, I became an unfortunately huge fan of Justin Bieber. But when I returned to Truman this year, I quickly found out that my roommates were extremely against listening to Justin Bieber and his music was not acceptable to listen to in our room. I therefore hid my obsession for this 17-year-old Canadian's music. But last night I was getting into the shower, and I usually always listen to Justin Bieber in the shower, so I decided to confront my two roommates. I bursted out of the bathroom and told them that I had an announcement to make. I told them that I had "Bieber fever" and I didn't care that they didn't support me and that I would be listening to Justin Bieber's music in the shower that night. My information was unfortunately not taken well. Jessi groaned and said, "This is the worst!," a favorite phrase of hers, and although Shelby and I usually make fun of her when she says it, Shelby's response was, "I'm not even going to disagree with you about that one."
But, I did it anyway, without my roommates approval...I listened to Justin Bieber in the shower for the whole room to hear. My decision made me feel bold and brave. I felt free now that my obsession was out in the open.
When I came back from my shower, my feelings of bravery and freedom quickly diminished. Jessi had headphones in, refusing to even listen to Justin Bieber; and although Shelby didn't have headphones in, she was on the opposite side of the room attempting to not pay attention to me while reading her book.
My roommates may never watch Justin Bieber's movie "Never Say Never" with me. They may very well never let me listen to Justin Bieber in the shower again. But the confession is finally out....I am a true "Belieber."

Saturday, August 27

nothing but smiles.

so, i'm not actually officially back yet. BUT, i saw this tonight and couldn't help but pass it along!

love you all :)

Saturday, August 6

sooo, about not posting in two months....

as much as i wish i could say that blogging is one of my top priorities, it is not. blogging for me is something i do in my free time when i feel the Lord has put something on my heart to share or i need a way to express myself. but this summer has left practically no free time for me to be on my laptop, much less blogging. but don't worry! i leave for school in about two and a half weeks (which i'm getting SO excited about!), and i'm planning on resuming blogging then.

sorry to all who have stopped by lately to see what's new....because it's been nothing.

and to all of those who have given up on me and stopped looking at all, come back soon please!

move in day is august twenty-third, so expect something hopefully fabulous shortly after that!